Which free, invisible keylogger for spying on a PC remotely?

A free PC spy software program with integrated Keylogger

Would you like to know what’s going on on your PC when you’re away, using a spy Keylogger?
Or do you want to protect your family and children from the dangers which lurk on the Internet?
Or make sure that the employees in your company are actually working and not going on Facebook or doing other purely personal things?

If you’ve answered yes to at least one of these questions, then you’ll need to use a free Keylogger spy program as of now to record keystrokes remotely, so as to monitor and spy on a computer invisibly and undetectably.

This article will give you considerable insight into how to use a free Keylogger and install a free PC spy software program.

What are the features of this invisible keylogger software?

The free remote PC spy software FIREWORLD Controller has a Keylogger designed to meet your needs.
It’s a powerful, remote monitoring, spying and control tool for computers (either desk or laptop) running under Windows, whose job it is to continually record the user’s keystrokes.

These secure online recordings will thus inform you, in a mouse-click, of what’s being typed at any time; but since our free keylogger software also includes an activity recorder, you’ll also be able to spy on a PC remotely in real time or, if you wish, read through the recorded activity-data later, again remotely.
You will thus be able to learn how to secretly use a free keylogger-type spy program so as to finally discover the truth about what’s being typed by someone on the keyboard! It can also be a valuable asset when used to detect cases of bullying.

Installing the Free FIREWORLD Controller Keylogger

To install FIREWORLD Controller for free, simply go to the Products page and select the FREE version in the "Our Prices" section.
You will thus be able to start spying on a remote PC immediately, discreetly and invisibly, without being noticed. This spy keylogger launches automatically at Windows startup and will remain hidden from the user, with no icons or messages, even in the program uninstall manager which is available in the control pane.

Once the spy software is launched, you’ll have nothing else to do because it will start sending its first data remotely. You will then be on your own computer, in front of your simple, intuitive monitoring interface, monitoring a remote PC free of charge.
This interface will enable you to do many things. For example, with the Keylogger you’ll be able to see what has been entered using the keyboard, but also retrieve the passwords that have been entered. In this way, you can easily monitor all types of platform such as chat applications and forums, (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.) or email (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) This can help to combat cyberstalking simply and effectively.

The icing on the cake is that you can also remotely control the PC you’re monitoring completely intuitively from the command line! Very handy for spying on my partner's computer remotely ! The remote control functions of this free spy keylogger include opening remote websites, closing Firefox and Skype, opening the CD player and sending popup messages, with everything done remotely.
There are many other features, but it would take too long to detail them all here; we therefore advise you to visit the dedicated section on our website.

The best free spy keylogger

Monitoring a remote PC with a keystroke recorder

To be able to monitor and control your computer in all possible and imaginable ways, the FIREWORLD Controller spy software includes a free Keylogger and can send the data collected to a dedicated server, allowing you to then consult it remotely in just one click, from home.
This data can then be read, copied to a text file and transferred to an external disk or a USB flash drive, or sent to you by e-mail.

When you have the keystroke recordings of the target computer before your eyes, you’ll be able to browse, search for specific words or analyze data just as in any text file, to hack a Facebook password **, since the free Keylogger software also specifies the start-up date of the computer to make it easier for you.

Lastly, you’ll be able to blackout the target computer’s screen, which will immediate prevent it from being used remotely by turning it black, even if the task manager is open.

Download a PC spy software keylogger free of charge

Our PC monitoring software will record everything that’s typed on the target computer’s keyboard.
These basic features are free of charge, but to access the recordings you will need to obtain an access code for the professional version of the free spy software, which takes less than 2 minutes, for the absolutely modest sum of less than $40. Please note that you are in no way obliged to pay anything and that you can very well use the free version with no time-limit.

Unlike certain other keyloggers spy softwares which cost a shameful price of over $400, we are aware that not all users are very well-off, and we prefer to offer a cheap but functional product rather than a flawed and very expensive one.
That's why we advise against paying more than $60 for a lifetime license for a remote PC spy software program, and $40 for a few days’ license.

The FIREWORLD Controller updates are free, as are maintenance operations and online support by forum or email.
So hurry up: at that price, having the opportunity to remotely control your computer and monitor and spy on your children and employees on the Internet so as to stay in control of things is a real gift!

Buy the best keylogger software for PC now

You now have the choice between using the free version of our PC spy software, or buying the paying version (really) cheaply.
The main difference between these two versions resides in the features which are available in each one: the PRO version has more features than the FREE version, and enables you, for example, to access the recordings of the invisible Keylogger.

So click here to purchase the FIREWORLD Controller Spy Keylogger Software

* Using the product for espionage purposes is illegal and potentially exposes you to criminal penalties. It is the responsibility of the user of FIREWORLD Controller to make sure that his use of it complies with all the laws in force in his own country and with those of the country in which the software is being used. In particular, it is forbidden to use the software for purposes which may be deemed as underhanded and without the knowledge of the person executing Controller Client on his device. If you are in any doubt, consult your lawyer before using our products. Please read the Liability section for more details.

** Hacking an account is illegal. If you infringe the law, you alone are responsible for your acts.