Monitor the activity on a computer remotely

And check how a PC is being used

View real-time activity
Control the computer remotely
Save screenshots and webcam shots
Access the records of keyboard activity
And more...

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Fireworld Controller enables you to view a user’s real-time activity. You can thus spy on up to 10 different PCs simultaneously. This detailed data (applications, URL, date, time, etc.) are also available remotely at a single click.


The Keylogger included in our spy software undetectably records all the keyboard inputs on the user’s computer, so that you know precisely what has been typed into a Word document, an email, a website, a password... All this can also be viewed remotely.


In addition to spying, we also offer you the ability to remotely control up to 10 different PCs. You will be able, for example, to send popup messages, to open URLs remotely, to interact with the mouse and keyboard, to retrieve system information, to configure the screen, etc.


We act as an intermediary between you and the PCs you are controlling. All the communications are secure and pass through the Fireworld server, whose job it is to establish the connections between the computers. It is thus impossible to trace anything back to you, and your IP is protected.


Our PC spy software allows you to take remote screenshots and view them later from your own computer. All your activity remains invisible.


You can easily monitor a computer remotely by using the embedded modules for taking webcam pictures and making audio recordings remotely. In this way you can see who is in front of the screen and listen to what is being said.


With one click, you can remotely access all the usernames and passwords stored in the email clients and web browsers on the computers you are controlling. Enables remote spying of Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Opera Edge passwords.


Spying on a PC remotely has become even easier, thanks to our IP-based broad geolocation feature. You will also be able to obtain detailed information, such as the service provider, etc.

How does it work?



Download free of charge Fireworld Controller FREE or purchase Fireworld Controller PRO and then open it. This will copy the files directly to your desktop


Follow the installation instructions to install our PC spy software on the computer(s) you wish to spy on and control

And that’s all!

Congratulations, you can start spying on a remote PC* straight away!

FIREWORLD Controller

Comprehensive and invisible remote monitoring software with screenshot capability, webcam photos, keylogger, activity log and more.

  • Controller FREE

  • Free of charge
  • Real-time view of PC activity
  • Popup messages
  • X
  • Basic system commands, computer info, making the PC talk, CD / DVD drive control, clipboard control, use of printers, sending files to the desktop, sending and starting an audio file, task bar control, mouse control, minimizing windows, volume control, interactions with the BIOS
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • 1 PC controlled
  • Everything done remotely
  • Controller PRO
    Unlimited license *

  • $129.50 $54.99
  • Real-time view of PC activity
  • Popup messages
  • Access to files option
  • Basic system commands, computer info, making the PC talk, CD / DVD drive control, clipboard control, use of printers, sending files to the desktop, sending and starting an audio file, task bar control, mouse control, minimizing windows, volume control, interactions with the BIOS, priority service, closing a program, blocking programs, opening a URL, blacking out the screen, changing the refresh rate, changing colour mode, sending and running a program, IP and ISP address, IP location and more
  • Keylogger
  • Activity log
  • Password recovery tool
  • Screenshots, webcam shots & audio recording
  • 1 to 10 PCs controlled *
  • Everything done remotely
  • Controller PRO Business
    Unlimited license *

  • $439.50 $154.99
  • Real-time view of PC activity
  • Popup messages
  • Access to files option
  • Basic system commands, computer info, making the PC talk, CD / DVD drive control, clipboard control, use of printers, sending files to the desktop, sending and starting an audio file, task bar control, mouse control, minimizing windows, volume control, interactions with the BIOS, priority service, closing a program, blocking programs, opening a URL, blacking out the screen, changing the refresh rate, changing colour mode, sending and running a program, IP and ISP address, IP location and more
  • Keylogger
  • Activity log
  • Password recovery tool
  • Screenshots, webcam shots & audio recording
  • 10 PCs controlled
  • Everything done remotely

We guarantee you by far the lowest prices

Software Price of 1-year license Price of 2-year license* Price of lifetime license*
Comparative degree of the prices of spy software $249.99 $499.98 -
Price of the pc spy software $72.50 $145.00 -
Comparative degree of the prices of pc spy softwares with Fireworld Controller $84.00 $168.00 -
Valuable board of pc spy software $54.99 $54.99 $54.99

How can you spy on a remote PC easily?

If you are reading this, it is probably because you want to remotely access a computer, either to control it or to spy on it.
Your motives are no doubt perfectly legal, such as wanting to monitor your PC’s activity while you are away from home, checking that your children are not doing anything unacceptable on the Internet, or monitoring the activity of your employees who have got into the habit of spending more of their time on the Internet than actually working: we have solutions for all this. But please first read the Liability section on the legal aspects of using our services.

Whenever a computer with an Internet connection requires remote control or in-depth monitoring, Fireworld Controller is a must-have. It is a free, reliable and powerful software package and one of the most comprehensive on the market for monitoring and spying on a computer remotely * . It includes dozens of features designed to acquire in-depth information on the activity of any PC without being detected.

With Fireworld Controller, you can control and spy on any PC in the world (provided that you have been able to have physical contact with it on at least one occasion).

Learn more about our products in the • FAQ •, try out our • software for spying on a computer remotely •, or acquire • the PRO version • now.
Did you read the FAQ but failed to find the answer to your question? In that case, post on our Forum at the bottom of the page, or visit the • Contact • page.

Thank you for using our Fireworld products!

A PC spy software for spying on a computer

As said above, we are offering you the ability to monitor a computer remotely without asking you for anything in return. That is why we are offering a free download and unlimited use of our PC spy software program.

You don’t pay for what you don’t need, do you?
Here at Fireworld, we believe the same thing, which is why you will only pay us anything if you need more in terms of spying features, by choosing to purchase the PRO version of our spy software. Payment is made immediately, and access to the software is instant.

If you want to know more about our prices or about the differences between the FREE and PRO versions, please scroll up towards the top of the page, or go to the FAQ page, accordingly.
We are at your disposal to answer any of your questions about our products, either via the Forum or by email.

What is a PC spy software and what can Fireworld Controller do for you?

Why use monitoring software on your PC

Network of spy softwares
Would you like to know what is happening on your computer when someone else is using it while you're away? Or find out what your children are doing on the Internet, or monitor the activity of your employees to make sure they are not spending the day on Facebook instead of working?
What websites are being visited, what programs are being used, what is being typed on the keyboard?
With our PC spy software, you will be able to do all these things, but also spy on a remote computer, recover the passwords stored on the web browsers, view real-time activity on the PC and, of course, control it.
These features may be adapted to hack a social network account (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) an email account (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) or a remote account such as a Youtube account, simply by looking at the records of the integrated Keylogger: as soon as the software is set up, it will continuously send the recorded data, which you will be able to view in one click from your Controller interface.
All this will be done remotely and very simply, in a way which will be completely invisible for the PC you are spying on.

If you are still asking yourself questions about the uses of PC spy software or the way of using it, or if you do not know how to go about monitoring a remote PC, you should try our all-in-one spy software.

Download our software for free right away by clicking • here

Monitor your children’s computer activity

There are countless hazards associated with the use of computers, especially those related to the Internet. Although the Internet is a fantastic tool for its wealth of content, it also contains a wealth of pitfalls.
More particularly, you know that some content may be dangerous for children who are too young, and you cannot continually be looking over their shoulders because you do not always have the time? You want to make sure that your children do not give away any information about your family on the Internet that might put you in danger? As a parent, you must take the necessary steps to ensure that they are not going on unsuitable sites, that are not in danger of making undesirable encounters on forums, or that they are not getting up to any mischief.
Our spy program can help you do all this in complete discretion and thereby set your mind at rest.

Control your teenage offspring’s PC

It is well known that teenagers are connected 24/24, whether from their smartphone or their PC. Computers are one of the most common ways to access the Internet, search engines, social networks, news and more. But do you really know what they are actually doing?
For many of them, it is a means of getting information about drugs, alcohol and sometimes even worse things... Are you sure of what your teenage children are doing when they are left to their own devices, late at night? Are they being honest with you about the web sites they visit when you are not around?

Would you like to install a PC spy software program to keep tracks on him/her, and discover what he/she is really doing on his/her computer? To get to the bottom of things and make sure, for example, that your son or daughter is not being bullied around at school, or has not fallen victim to cyber-bullying, use Fireworld Controller; you can discretely spy on his/her computer remotely, however far away you are.

Use our PC spy software to check what your employees are doing

Nowadays, employees seem to spend more of their time doing other things than working. Do you have doubts about what they really do, and would you like to check to see if they are not on Facebook or something similar instead of working?
Time is money ... This proverb has never been truer than it is today and that is why you need to be sure that your employees are doing their utmost for the success of your company.

To that end, installing our spy software will enable you to keep an eye on your employees’ activities or to hack** a Skype account to see if the discussions taking place are truly job-related and are not with people who have nothing to do with your business. There are just too many cases of employees who waste their time chatting with wives, husbands or friends.

To get to the bottom of things, use Fireworld Controller, the most comprehensive PC spy software in the field.

Detect infidelity in your marriage or relationship

Has your relationship suddenly changed? Or has your partner suddenly changed?
It may be a sign that he or she is having an affair.

If your husband is getting back later and later in the evenings or he’s spending a lot of time on the phone with someone you do not know, or if your wife regularly goes out for reasons you don’t really believe in or she sometimes smells of a male perfume you never wear, it may be time to start asking yourself a few questions and do something about it by using a PC spy software to find out whether your spouse is visiting dating sites or sending suspicious messages or to discover any other signs of unfaithfulness.

Spy software: for monitoring a remote computer

Simplicity and ease of use

Fireworld pc spy software
Our program has been designed specifically for our users to be able to monitor a computer remotely with simplicity and ease.
Check how a PC is being used and monitor the websites that are being visited and the frequency of visits thanks to the Spy-Bot that will inform you remotely of everything that has been done on the computer, including exploration of files and Word, Excel and all other types of document.

This computer spy software will act as a monitor of the activity on the computer, reporting back to you faithfully and flawlessly on everything being done on it, both in real-time and offline.

Whether you want to protect your children, keep an eye on your own PC or set up a wider monitoring solution, our spy software is what you need!

Which PC spy software solution do you really need?

This site contains a number of "demo" articles based on a marketing and entertainment approach to present content on our software. The presentation of the PC spy software is done via short articles covering the most popular questions from our users (how does it work, what exactly can you do with it, is it invisible from A to Z, etc.)
The uses described in these articles are, for example, monitoring your teenage offspring’s Internet activity, finding your Facebook password remotely to make sure of what is being done with it, or controlling a computer.

Choosing the right spy software is not an easy task; the program that really suits your needs - and your budget - must be chosen carefully. Each situation is different and unique, which is why we have combined a maximum number of possible features in our program, so that a majority of people can find what best suits them.
Of course, we know that you are not experts in computer monitoring, which is also why we have simplified our PC spy software as much as possible so as to really allow anyone to use them comfortably. Do you want to know if Fireworld Controller, the No. 1 spy software in United Kingdom, is really what you need?
Just have a quick look at the table of features at the top of the page – you will be impressed by the amount of things you can do with it.

Whether your problems are related to acts of cyber bullying on the Internet, or more about the parental control side of things, our software applications can help you. They are very easy to set up and use, and will begin their work immediately after purchase, for as long as you like.

What you can do now

If you want to permanently control and access a remote computer, to follows what the members of your family are doing on your PC while you are away, to keep an eye on your young or teenage children so as to make sure they are not using Internet to go to dubious sites, or to spy on your employees to make them more focused and efficient in their work or to increase productivity, you should download the free, unlimited-in-time version of the FIREWORLD Controller PC spy software or purchase the full version for less than $60.

The PC spy software will enable you not only to view real-time activity on the computer of your choice, to control it remotely by sending simple commands and to move or block the mouse remotely, but also to recover all the usernames and passwords stored in browsers such as Chrome or Firefox remotely, or to have access to a complete history of all the activity with the date and time, as well as to a powerful Keylogger which will tell you everything that has been typed on the keyboard. You can also do many more things, such as opening URLs remotely, sending popup messages, making the screen black to prevent its use, closing programs remotely, or getting the PC to talk.

Do not forget to check that your use of Controller complies with the law before installing it anywhere. You will find more details on this in the Liability section.


* Using the product for espionage purposes is illegal and potentially exposes you to criminal penalties. It is the responsibility of the user of FIREWORLD Controller to make sure that his use of it complies with all the laws in force in his own country and with those of the country in which the software is being used. In particular, it is forbidden to use the software for purposes which may be deemed as underhanded and without the knowledge of the person executing Controller Client on his device. If you are in any doubt, consult your lawyer before using our products. Please read the Liability section for more details.

*(2)The "Controller Pro" and "Controller Pro Business" licences are valid on 1 year.
"1 to 10 PCs controlled": 1 Client PC installable free of charge, then unitarian costs decreasing according to quantity of Client PC to add, within the limit of 10.

*(3) 2-year/lifetime license license price calculated on the basis of a Unlimited PRO license (1 year) cost less savings realized by the ownership of 3 Client PC or more, and whose annual costs of renewal are offered contrary to the other software publishers.

** Hacking an account is illegal. If you infringe the law, you alone are responsible for your acts.