How to spy on a PC remotely, free of charge?

How to monitor a PC remotely?

When a computer connected to the Internet needs advanced remote monitoring at any time to be able to spy on it for free *, there’s the FIREWORLD Controller software to do it for you.
It’s very useful in many cases, for example to keep a watch on a wayward daughter who doesn’t respect the rules you’ve laid down for using the Internet, or your recalcitrant son who is visiting unsuitable sites for his age, such as sites dedicated to violence, adult content, drugs, alcohol, etc.
Or to remotely monitor your husband's computer to check if he’s going on dating sites.

Or else to spy on the wife’s PC if she seems to be unfaithful and is perhaps deceiving you. You therefore need a remote PC spy software that’s free and easy to use, to get to the bottom of any suspicions you may have.
Our free spy software is one of the best in the field, and offers a wide range of features that will allow you to control a computer remotely and invisibly.

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How to hack a Facebook account or control a PC remotely

Our free spying program will allow you to monitor a remote computer, to know all about the real-time activity on it, remotely.
You will also be able to view logs of the PC’s activity offline, with the date and time of each individual record. And all this is done in a simple mouse-click from your own PC!

The software will also allow you to know what’s happening on social media accounts and to hack a Facebook password ** easily thanks to the Keylogger keystroke recorder that will report to you everything that’s been typed on the PC’s keyboard, Including passwords.

In addition, the program offers a large number of control commands - you only need to choose what you want to do with the PC that you are controlling remotely, and it will do it instantly.
And all this is 100% invisible and free!

An invisible PC spy software

This PC spy software runs in the background, and is completely invisible for the user: no icon appears in the taskbar or the shortcuts, nor in the list of installed programs.
It has commands for taking control remotely, online, by a special command line, but also to follow real-time activity on the remote PC from your own computer.
The free FIREWORLD PC spy software also includes a Spybot module that shows you all the activity on the PC with dates and times, together with a Keylogger module allowing you to find out what has been typed on the keyboard, whenever you choose.

You do not need a password or an e-mail address to use the program, because it authenticates itself via its unique UserID system.
Put simply, the program generates a personal identifier for you when it’s first run, which it will then use to logon without asking you for a password.

Monitoring and protecting children on the Internet

Once the free spy software is installed, it allows you to find out in real time what your child is doing on the computer, especially on the Internet. In this way, you’ll be able to find out if they are going on unsuitable websites, and call them to order if necessary.
As with parental protection, you can spy on a computer remotely and see the logs of computer activity and what is recorded by the Keylogger. The remote-control options allow you to send customized popup messages, close programs remotely, open a URL, play music, find out who is logged-on... and much more (a full list is available here). By using this program, you can keep track on the integrity of the PC, since you will know if your children are installing games or anything else which may be a source of viruses or adware.
In this way, it ensures the moitoring and protection of your children and family, but also your employees if you have a business.

Knowing how to monitor a Windows PC remotely

The Keylogger for hacking Facebook

Besides being able to keep track on everything that’s being typed on the target computer’s keyboard, this method also enables you to recover identifiers, e-mail addresses and passwords.
Its ease of implementation ensures that you can hack an email account ** or a Facebook account ** discreetly, with this invisible PC spy software.

You wish to spy on a Skype account? Nothing simpler, it works the same way.
In fact, our software can theorically allow you to hack absolutely any account.
And to go even faster, if the password you’re looking for is saved in a browser, FIREWORLD Controller will be able to extract it and display it remotely with a simple click on the PassW menu.

You wish to monitor only one specific user?

A question we’re often asked is whether the best free spy software for PC makes the distinction between one user and another. The answer is yes! - if you install this program, it will simply monitor the session it’s on.

So, if it's a family PC and you install the software on your daughter's session, yours will never be spied on. And most importantly, the program is installable even if you don’t have administrator rights on the computer!
So to find out if your wife is cheating on you or to keep a watch on your son’s computer activity, our spy software will always know how to monitor the right session remotely.

The Spybot module allows you to track everything that’s happening on the target computer very simply and precisely, with a single mouse-click.
And everything is done remotely, which means that you can view these logs from your home or your workplace, with no difficulty whatever. The Controller interface is extremely simple and intuitive, and with it you can easily spy on the PC of your choice remotely and free of charge, much like the FBI arrested a computer genius.

This log also includes the websites that have been visited, the Google searches made, and the Facebook pages and profiles consulted, to know what your children are doing on social networks.
All the data is encrypted, and is routed through the software server, which guarantees that your IP address will be hidden to ensure anonymity.

Now you know how to spy on a remote PC for free!

With FIREWORLD Controller, you will at last find out whether your wife is cheating on you, and what your possibly wayward children are doing on the Internet. This free spy software for PC will also allow you to see the activity on a remote computer in real time, to hack an email account **.

Although it includes a completely FREE version, you can at any time purchase the PRO version of the best spy software on the market for just a few bucks in order to add and activate other powerful features without even having to download or install the program again.
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* Using the product for espionage purposes is illegal and potentially exposes you to criminal penalties. It is the responsibility of the user of FIREWORLD Controller to make sure that his use of it complies with all the laws in force in his own country and with those of the country in which the software is being used. In particular, it is forbidden to use the software for purposes which may be deemed as underhanded and without the knowledge of the person executing Controller Client on his device. If you are in any doubt, consult your lawyer before using our products. Please read the Liability section for more details.

** Hacking an account is illegal. If you infringe the law, you alone are responsible for your acts.