PC spy software: how to detect it?

The latest on PC spy software detection

This subject repeatedly comes up on the forums dedicated to IT security or assistance; this shows once again that the security of mobile and fixed equipment is an increasingly topical issue, together with the flaws in antivirus software.

Spy software programs are designed to monitor and obtain information about compromised devices, with the monitoring being carried out through a software or web interface.

Do you think that you’ve been infected with a PC spy software program? Or by a spy program on your smartphone? This article will tell you how to spot and eliminate them.

How to detect spy software on mobile devices

It’s a fact that mobile spying through stealthy applications is hugely on the rise. This type of spyware is used both by professionals, to monitor company employees for example, and by private individuals (for spying on their spouses, tracking their children by GPS, or reassuring themselves about possible unfaithfulness in their relationship).

A good spy software program will be difficult to detect manually, so you will need to use one or more specialized programs to be sure.

The steps for detecting spy software on your phone

First of all, check the speed of the phone

Spyware designed to monitor a smartphone will always cause a larger battery drain than normal. Simply because it will make demands on the CPU and use the network to send its data to the person who installed it. This type of software will thereby cause the device to slow down to varying degrees.
You may thus be alerted by a sudden change in speed, and if you haven’t touched anything yourself, it’s possible that you may have been infected by spyware.

It should be said though that this difference must be significant if you’re to be sure that the phone is behaving suspiciously.

Upgrading the operating system

If you have a smartphone, a software upgrade or even a complete reinstallation of the system will guarantee you an almost systematic disinfection of any spyware.
This is because it will either be overwritten by the new OS and not function properly, or simply erased when the device is reset to factory settings.

-> If you have an Android, read this article on how to update and reset Android
-> If you have an iPhone, see how to reinstall iOS

If your device is old

In this case, there’s no way of removing any spyware that has been previously installed on it, you will have to change your mobile.
To check whether you may have been infected, look to see if you’ve received a blank MMS message: these can be a hacking technique to discreetly install spyware remotely.
So keep a careful eye on your messages!

The technique for detecting pc spy software on a computer

Detecting a PC spyware program

There exist multiple computer spying programs on the web. Most of these software programs install themselves discreetly, with no prior message or notification.
When such programs have only been running for a short time, antivirus software always takes some time to detect them. That’s why you need to be very careful about what you run on your computer.

There is no manual way to check if a PC spy software has been installed on your computer. There are, however, numerous software programs that can detect them.

Avast Antivirus

The antivirus which is the most widely known thanks to its eternal "Viral database has been updated" is also one of the most effective. It’s also free.
If you don’t have Windows Defender installed and enabled (Windows Defender is the antivirus and AntiSpyware package included in Windows), or if you don’t wish to use it, you should consider installing Avast Free Antivirus.

Note, however, that Windows Defender is also very effective, and if it’s enabled, there’s usually no reason for installing any other pc spy software detector.

SpyBot for PC spy software

The SpyBot Search and Destroy scan tool will allow you to check the presence of spy software on your computer.
The software is free, and downloads quickly, with no constraints. It’s a reference in the fight against spyware and other computer viruses.

So, do you have spyware installed on your computer?

You may want to detect a PC spy software, but you might also wish to use one!
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