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The Origins of Fireworld

  • 2011 : The Beginnings

    At the start, Fireworld was specialized in the development of video games such as Addict Games and Arcade Games, under the name “TFDC Games”.

  • 2013 : the real trigger

    It was during a practical programming session in high school that FIREWORLD Inc.’s CEO-to-be started playing around coding a program designed to remotely open the CD drive on the network computers. Then came a local chat and several network programs most of which contained a hidden program designed to take control of the computer on which it was run.

  • 2014 : The birth of Controller

    Controller made its appearance as a program that enabled multiple actions on remote PCs. There was only a single user at that time. Initially there was no overview of the activity of the PCs being monitored, nor a connection indicator to say that the computers concerned were ready to receive instructions.

  • Fantastic improvements

    The software gradually evolved, acquiring new features over time. A Keylogger, an activity recorder, and a password retriever were subsequently integrated into Controller, which also evolved into a multi-user mode catering for up to a million client PCs.

  • And now it's up to you !

    We are very pleased to have been able to turn this project into a reality and to be able to share it with you today. We hope you will appreciate our software!

In short...

FIREWORLD Controller is a product of FIREWORLD Inc.
We try to offer our consumers the best service we can provide.

“Nowadays, everything is being monitored, everything is being collected. Statistical analysis, spying, hacking or phishing are things we encounter every day. That is why FIREWORLD offers similar services. Be IN and not OUT. Stop being monitored, do the monitoring yourself. Stop being spied on, do the spying yourself. FIREWORLD gives you the opportunity to reverse the roles.”

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• FIREWORLD Inc, France •

* Using the product for espionage purposes is illegal and potentially exposes you to criminal penalties. It is the responsibility of the user of FIREWORLD Controller to make sure that his use of it complies with all the laws in force in his own country and with those of the country in which the software is being used. In particular, it is forbidden to use the software for purposes which may be deemed as underhanded and without the knowledge of the person executing Controller Client on his device. If you are in any doubt, consult your lawyer before using our products. Please read the Liability section for more details.