Presentation of a computer spy software program

Remote computer monitoring with PC spy software

Are you thinking of acquiring a PC spy software to monitor a remote computer, to check whether your children are doing their homework and not playing games online or hanging out on Facebook?
Do you want to make sure your daughter is not in danger on the Internet, and is not communicating with ill-intentioned people on social media?

Maybe she’s too inclined to disclose details of her private life on the Internet, with information about her address, her name or even more serious matters?

Are you looking for software to monitor one or more computers remotely? Look no further, you’ve found the right place!

Protecting your daughter on the Internet

Should you need to keep an eye on your children’s activity on the Internet, or spy on a PC remotely without authorization *, or check what an untrustworthy employee is doing, we provide legal computer monitoring spy software services, and we guarantee the security of your data, unlike a certain other spyware company that recently had its customers’ data hacked.

With our products, you will be able to monitor a PC remotely no matter where it is, even if it’s in China; as long as it is connected to the Internet, you will see its activity in real time, know what is being typed on the keyboard, make screenshots remotely, take photos with the webcam, etc...

Perhaps you want to monitor your employees remotely, to make sure they are motivated by their work, and are not spending all their time doing nothing or using the computer for their personal business.
To check all this and at last have peace of mind, there’s a computer spy software for you, which we present below.
The installation is done as simply as possible without needing to have any IT skills, meaning that you simply have to run a program on the computer you wish to monitor, and the Client module of the PC spy software will immediately install by itself.

The free version of the computer spy software!

You are not yet convinced that our software can provide you with everything you need to monitor a remote computer? In that case, download the FREE version!
You’ll have access to the user control pane as with the PRO version, and you’ll be able to monitor a PC in real time! This version is unlimited in time, and only a few features are disabled compared to the PRO version. And for just a few bucks, you can at any time immediately swap your free spy software for the deluxe version!

Facts about PC spy program enable you to know what’s being done on a computer in real-time or offline via automatic and detailed logs of all the activity of a session, with dates and times.
Once you’ve tested the software, and if you wish to take advantage of even more features, just click on "More Features" to obtain a link that will allow you to acquire the PRO version of the program!

Computer spy software to find out if my husband is cheating on me

Hacking passwords remotely with a PC spy software

The discretion of the software that we offer, whether in its free version or its paying version, compares very favourably with competing products.
Better still, we offer by far the lowest prices, with differences ranging up to a factor of 10.

We are also the only ones to offer a lifetime license for a single price, unlike others that offer products that work for no more than just a few months, to force their customers to continue paying. Our PC spy software is an exception since it allows you to monitor a computer remotely without authorization and it is 100% invisible and functional!

Why use the PRO version of our computer spy software?

The free version of our program has been designed with the aim of reassuring its users on the product’s ease of use, simplicity and total user-friendliness.
Many features are disabled, since it is mainly a software for testing purposes. But if you do not wish to pay to upgrade to the PRO version, we respect your choice, and you may very well continue to use the FREE version, with no time-limits. This respect of the user is one of our main priorities at FIREWORLD, which prefers to build up its reputation on its excellent customer service rather than on a tendency to put profit first.

We want to allow everyone to use our products at their own pace, without ever forcing anyone to pay a single cent or penny.

Compatibility of our remote PC monitoring software: This PC spy program will allow you to monitor what’s happening on your family or work computer or laptop, from wherever you are and whenever you want. For optimal operation it requires any version of Windows from Windows 7 onwards (it’s compatible with Windows XP, but some features will not work properly).

Minimum System Requirements:
The software doesn’t require much space or a processor. 50 MB of hard disk, 1GB of RAM and an ADSL or fibre Internet connection will do the trick!

Use spy software OK, but to do what with it?

To spy on your husband or wife on the computer? No problem. But be careful to remain in compliance with the law by first asking their permission before installing any PC spyware on their computer! Your needs may be very diverse, such as wanting to spy on your son or checking what your daughter is doing on the computer, or whether your employees are really working... Or maybe you want to hack a Facebook account with our software program ** ...
Spying on one’s husband can be something easy or difficult - it depends on what you really want! If you want to make screenshots, remotely control the PC, take pictures with the webcam, or monitor your wife’s activity remotely...

Don’t forget that you will also know offline what has been done on the computer because if you can’t watch the activity in real time because you’re at work or you don’t have the time, a simple click on the SpyBot button will give you access to the logs made during the whole time the target computer has been used.
One of the spy software options is the remote file explorer.
It allows you to log onto the remote computer to explore its folders and files, and send or download them, the whole time without being detected. The keystroke recorder is also put to good use, since it allows you to know exactly what has been typed in emails, on Facebook, on Google, or in a Word document...

A really complete software program such as the one we offer is very rare, and you really have to see it to believe it!

Get your copy of the software now!

The FIREWORLD computer spyware is one of the best and most complete ones on the market. You can obtain it from the link below:

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